As California’s Down to Earth Month begins, four of the state’s premier wineries and vineyard companies were awarded California Green Medal Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards, joining 36 past winners from throughout the Golden State. These awardees are recognized for their advanced sustainability practices and innovation based on a comprehensive judging process focused on both sustainable viticulture and winemaking. Presented by several California wine organizations devoted to sustainability, including the Lodi Winegrape Commission, four green medals are awarded annually in the following categories: Leader, Environment, Community, and Business.

Each recipient receives an engraved Green Medal and is recognized for their contributions to California wines’ world-leading efforts on wine sustainability. A customized award ceremony also helps to share their achievement with staff, customers, media, and other stakeholders of their choice.

“As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the California Green Medal, this year’s winners provide four stellar examples of wineries and vineyards that are excelling in sustainability,” said Allison Jordan, California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance’s (CSWA) Executive Director. “Their stories demonstrate the holistic approach of sustainable winegrowing that conserves natural resources, protects the environment, enhances wine quality, and enriches the lives of employees and communities while producing high-quality grapes and wine.”

LEADER AWARD, given to the vineyard or winery that excels in the three “Es” of sustainability — Environmentally sound, socially Equitable, and Economically viable practices.

WINNER LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards


LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards, located in Acampo, California, has embraced sustainability since the early 1970s, demonstrating their commitment through habitat restoration projects, the inclusion of energy-efficient design and solar-power technology in their state-of-the-art winery, as well as the engagement of local youth in hands-on environmental stewardship education. The LangeTwins’ sustainable and regenerative farming principles and practices have increased the biodiversity in and around their vineyards, enriched the soil, and improved the watershed. As these practices are more effective on a large neighborhood scale, LangeTwins has shared their knowledge with the greater community of winegrowers and the next generation of land stewards, evidenced most recently by their neighborhood collaboration to control the damaging vine mealybug through pheromone disruption, an environmentally safe control method. Read more.

“We are thrilled to receive the 2024 California Green Medal Leader Award! This is truly a great feeling to be acknowledged for our accomplishments, and it also adds to our energy to focus our efforts on finding and refining techniques to continue to cultivate positive change. A key pillar of sustainability is continual improvement, and we are dedicated to make it happen! Thank you CSWA, Napa Green, Lodi Winegrape Commission, the Vineyard Team, CAWG, Wine Institute and Somona CO Winegrowers for the recognition.” – Kendra Altnow, LangeTwins Family Winery


ENVIRONMENT AWARD, given to the vineyard or winery that best demonstrates Environmental Stewardship through maximized environmental benefits from implementing sustainable practices.

WINNERGloria Ferrer


 Gloria Ferrer stands as a model of sustainability, embodying a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation. In 2021, Gloria Ferrer transitioned all 330 acres of their estate vineyards to regenerative organic farming practices. Employing cutting-edge technologies and AI, Gloria Ferrer identified specific areas within their vineyards that required additional attention, minimizing inputs while maximizing efficiency. From introducing biodiverse cover crops to implementing high-intensity sheep grazing and creating biochar, every aspect of their operations is geared towards building resilient soil health and minimizing environmental impact. Dedicated to preserving native habitats and fostering biodiversity, Gloria Ferrer has established habitat hedgerows, pollinator-friendly areas, and nesting sites for various wildlife species on their ranches. Read more.


COMMUNITY AWARD, given to the vineyard or winery that is a Good Neighbor and Employer using the most innovative practices that enhance relations with employees, neighbors, and/or communities.

WINNERCooper-Garrod Vineyards at Garrod Farms


Cooper-Garrod Vineyards at Garrod Farms is a vineyard and winery where tradition, sustainability, and community intertwine. Cooper-Garrod’s impact extends beyond the vineyards and into the community. From pioneering the Firewise Community initiative to actively participating in benefits for schools, mental health, Chambers of Commerce, and history foundations, to inviting community members to use the farm’s hiking trails, they actively contribute to their neighbors’ well-being. Family and staff actively engage in public policy, environmental action, and community organizations by serving on numerous boards and committees, further demonstrating their commitment to broader sustainability efforts. Read more.


BUSINESS AWARD, given to the vineyard or winery that best demonstrates Smart Business through efficiencies, cost savings, and innovation from implementing sustainable practices.

WINNER:  Vino Farms, LLC


Vino Farms, a vineyard management company based in Lodi, not only exemplifies a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible agriculture but also demonstrates that sustainable practices can be synonymous with good business practices. Employing advanced monitoring technology for water efficiency, Vino Farms utilizes Tule towers, soil moisture probes, and Ceres Imagery to prevent overwatering in vineyards, fostering uniform water distribution and substantial cost savings. To maintain soil health, they use cover crops, practice minimum tillage, and use compost-based fertilizer, contributing to increased organic matter and carbon sequestration. They also create natural habitats such as native hedgerows and vegetation surrounding reservoirs to attract beneficial insects — and release additional beneficial insects via drones to reduce the need for pesticide applications and associated costs. Read more.

“Vino Farms/Ledbetter family has always tried to lead the way by example when it comes to sustainability. We enrolled in LODI RULES in 2005 and have never looked back, today we have over 7000 acres in the program. We are taking next step with Bio-Dynamic and Organic farming in the Lodi area and plan to be one of the industry leaders in the coming years. We are excited to receive the Business Green Medal Award in 2024 and look forward to continuing our endeavors with more environmentally friendly farming.” – Ledbetter Family, Vino Farms



The California Green Medal recognizes the leadership of wineries and vineyards committed to sustainability and is presented by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, California Association of Winegrape Growers, Wine Institute, Lodi Winegrape Commission, Napa Green, Napa Valley Vintners, Sonoma County Winegrowers and Vineyard Team.

Applications were judged by a panel of wine and sustainability experts including:  Amy Azzolina, Social Media and Communications Manager, Wine Institute; Stephanie Bolton, PhD, Research and Education Director/Sustainable Winegrowing Director; Lodi Winegrape Commission; Anna Brittain, Executive Director, Napa Green; Natalie Collins, President, California Association of Winegrape Growers; Lisa Francioni, Deputy Director, California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance; Evan Goldstein, MS, President, Full Circle Wine Solutions and Master the World; InHaeng Jung, Professor, Sonoma State University Wine Business Institute; Cyril Penn, Editor in Chief, Wine Business Monthly; Tonya Pitts, Wine Director, One Market Restaurant; Jennifer Richards, VP of Operations and Business Development, Sonoma County Winegrowers; Beth Vukmanic, Executive Director, Vineyard Team.

A special thanks to this year’s sponsors for support of the award!



View a video featuring the 2024 winners:

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