The University of California, Division of Agricultural and Natural Resources has made Hilgardia, including its Wine and Grape collection, available to Lodi winegrowers and the general public.

Hilgardia was the primary, technical publication of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources for 70 years. The monograph series was established in May 1925 and commemorated Dr. Eugene Woldemar Hilgard (1833-1916) who served as the founding director of the California Agricultural Experiment Station. Hilgard also organized the Agriculture Department of the University of California.

Hilgardia ceased publication in 1995 and is now freely available in digital form. Searchable pages display each monograph’s abstract or first page, author information, and full citation list. Each of the 972 articles links to the full-text publication, which is downloadable as a high-resolution, searchable PDF.

The Lodi Winegrape Commission is a proud platinum-level sponsor (financial contributions of $5,000 or more) of Hilgardia’s Wine and Grape Collection. The Commission’s Research, Education, & Communication Committee believes Hilgardia, in its new digital form, is a valuable resource for Lodi winegrowers, the industry as a whole, and for researchers working to advance the scientific understanding of viticulture and enology


Click below to search Hilgardia and access the 71 articles included in the Wine and Grape collection.

Portrait of Eugene W. Hilgard. Wikipedia.