farmer-to-farmer-podcastLong gone are the days when the daily newspaper was the main source of information for a community.  While the newspaper is still an excellent source of information and is fun to read, there now exists other outlets for staying connected and learning about the world.  One outlet in particular provides entertainment, convenience, and a sense of friendship to those spending long hours on the road or in the field: the PODCAST.

Simply speaking, a podcast is the modern-day radio talk show, complete with intro music, a theme, a host, and guest speakers.  The podcast has the extra convenience of being easily downloaded to a smartphone or an iPad, so you can choose what you want to hear and when you feel like listening.  Basically, it’s mood-based listening that may actually teach you a thing or two!

Interesting Podcasts to Check Out Now:

  1. This American Life. Possibly the most popular public radio show, in podcast form.
  2. BBC Farming Today. If you’re a fan of the British accent, this is the podcast for you!  While they don’t grow many grapes in Great Britain, they do use forward-thinking agricultural practices.
  3. The Vincast. Australia’s winegrape industry. Another good podcast for the listener who enjoys an accent and learning about what’s going on down under!
  4. Wine for Normal People. Because we can NEVER know enough about wine…and the more we know, the better we grow.
  5. Farmer to Farmer. Insightful interviews and a good mix of the old and the new.
  6. The Farm Report. Something for everyone here!

What’s your favorite podcast?

Please always practice safety when listening to podcasts!

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