On any given morning in the parking lot of small town coffee shops across the Country a handful of dusty pickup trucks are parked. Coffee shops have long been a place where farmers gather to catch up on just about everything, especially on things related to agriculture. Conversation is likely to revolve around the weather, crop prices, new technologies, local events, and of course to hear how the year’s crop is coming along. Farmers seem to like knowing what other farmers do and think, so learning from others is an important means for accessing the knowledge we need to be successful. The thinking is that “if it works for my neighbor, it might work for me.” The “Coffee Shop” has been designed as a virtual gathering place where Lodi winegrowers can access a variety of practical information and can glean the observations and opinions of other growers, Pest Control Advisers, and scientists.

Here are some things you should know about the Coffee Shop.

  • Connecting you to good ideas: The overarching goal of the Coffee Shop blog is to connect Lodi growers to good ideas in vineyard management. Coffee Shop articles will cover a broad range of topics related to winegrowing, and you can expect to read about everything from reports about the most modern technologies to reviews of tried and true traditional practices. Our objective is to provide Lodi growers with opportunistic for learning about vineyard management
  • Local insight: Coffee Shop articles will be written by locals who understand Lodi viticulture and Lodi growers. Don’t be surprised if you know some of the Coffee Shop contributors personally.
  • Scientific: An important theme among Coffee Shop articles will be a focus on the science behind growing winegrapes. Our contributors will report on Commission supported field research projects and cutting edge viticulture research being carried out by institutions including UC Davis and Fresno State. We will always strive to interpret research in terms of their practical implications.
  • Practical: Above all else, the Coffee Shop, along with the entire website, is meant to be useful. Coffee Shop articles will always emphasize practicality. We want growers to take away tangible ideas and solutions.

Interested in contributing to the Coffee Shop?</font color> We are on the lookout for growers, PCAs, scientists, and vintners who enjoy putting pen to paper. The Coffee Shop is a platform for sharing the practical wisdom of anyone who spends their day thinking critically and analytically about viticulture. I am available to work with contributors to edit and sharpen their writing. Our team of contributors is still growing, and over the course of the next few months I will introduce them one by one.