This January, we had SO much fun filming a video where children and grandchildren of LODI RULES farmers and vintners explain SUSTAINABILITY. Watch ten adorable children, without any preparation, give incredibly insightful and often funny views on sustainability.

A special thanks to our wonderful, dedicated LODI RULES families who came together one Saturday afternoon to make this video a reality!  Thank you Charlie & Sandi Starr, Stanton & Caroline Lange and their daughter Stephanie, Adam & Alyson Mettler, David Ogilvie, and Mike & Katie Klouda. Your kids are amazing and so are you!



We produced this video (with the videography help of the super-talented Robert at Still Life Co. in Lodi) for two main reasons:

Sustainability can be a difficult concept to describe.   In fact, one of our main goals for the LODI RULES program this year is to increase educational awareness of our sustainable winegrowing program among consumers, the industry, and media. To meet this goal we are launching a new consumer-targeted website called any day now! We’re also creating all sorts of fun promotional items and written materials to get the conversation going.

On February 1st we were honored to be part of a bilingual speaking panel on sustainability at the first International Sustainable Winegrowing Summit in Verona, Italy, graciously hosted and organized by the Valpolicella Consortium. A main theme which came out of day-long talks with incredible leaders from around the world – including Canada, Sweden, Australia, Austria, California and of course Italy – was that there is so much work to do internationally to help consumers understand sustainability and the importance of sustainable certifications.

Morning session at the first International Sustainable Winegrowing Summit in Verona, Italy.

It’s all for future generations.  Our LODI RULES farmers and vintners are putting the extra effort in to learn about and practice sustainability for their kids and grandkids.  Making a heart-warming video where children discuss sustainability helps to remind us all why we work so hard!

I’m really serious about sustainability.

“May we farm in a way that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to create their own livelihood.” – LODI RULES


SUSTAINABILITY. Planning for the next 100 years, not just the next year. Leaving people and places better than how we find them. Environmental & social  responsibility plus economic viability. How do you explain sustainability?


“A sustainable agriculture does not deplete people or soils.” – Wendell Berry



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