Now available, Lodi! is the first book ever written on Lodi winegrowing that lays out the facts and figures, tells the real story and paints a vivid picture of this historic region with over 400 photographs by the author, Randy Caparoso. It is as much a book for wine scholars as it is for those who simply adore vineyards, farmers, and wine.

Broken down into six main sections, from “The Many Sides of Lodi” to “Why Lodi Rules (Culturally and Sustainably),” the book is exhaustive in its research, presenting new data about the region’s history, terroir, heritage, and varietals in readable essays and interviews.

Lodi! is a large-format coffee-table book, chock-full of design flourishes—including original illustrations by California artist, Lisa Nowlain. Every page features dynamic photos from Lodi’s history and the process of grape growing and cultivating. Infographics about soil and sunshine enrich the reading experience. Along with detailed photos of the appellation’s specific varietals (including a section devoted to Zinfandels), a rich and readable Glossary, and a truly useful Index, the book also features dozens of “Portraits of Lodi’s Passionate Vignerons.”


From the Foreword by Mike Dunne, Veteran Wine Journalist – Sacramento Bee and San Francisco Chronicle

“Almost a fifth of California’s wine grapes are harvested at Lodi each fall, including more than a third of its Zinfandel and almost a third of its Cabernet Sauvignon. Yet, Lodi also is the country’s most underappreciated wine region as gauged by such standards as price, tourism, and restaurant wine lists.

But this book will change that. Lodi! represents a rare and timely meeting of the right person in the right place at the right time. The author, Randy Caparoso, has lived in Lodi only a decade, marking him forever as a newcomer in an enclave where grape-growing and winemaking families often go back four or five generations.

But with a relentless curiosity, a knack for fluid and vibrant story-telling, and a talent for capturing photos worth twice the customary 1000 words, Randy has used his time wisely, drilling deep into Lodi’s wine culture — its history, challenges, personalities, pivotal place in California and accelerating evolution into the state’s most surprising and exciting grape-growing and winemaking territory…”

From Stuart Spencer, Lodi Winegrape Commission Executive Director

“In 2010, our forward-thinking winegrowing community made a commitment to increase awareness of Lodi as a source of quality wines and grapes. Lodi growers invested in long-time wine writer and professional, Randy Caparoso, to deliver this message through a weekly blog.

Twelve years and more than 900 blog posts later, Randy has managed to pen a picture of Lodi to the world as a vibrant, dynamic, and diverse wine region integral to California’s wine industry. With Lodi!, Randy has expertly stitched together countless hours of conversations, wine tastings, and vineyard visits into one cohesive, beautiful keepsake. His thoughtful photography helps bring to life the region and its people.

Lodi! is a stunning example of what can be accomplished when a community works together.”

From Alder Yarrow, Wine Writer – Vinography

“There is no region in California more in need of a deeply researched book than Lodi, and no better person to produce such a work than Randy Caparoso. It’s a history lesson, love letter, encyclopedia, and guidebook all rolled into one beautifully composed package.”


Growers, winemakers, Lodi fans, and friends are welcome to join us for a Lodi! Book Launch and Signing with Randy Caparoso on Thursday, April 14, 2022, from 5:00 to 7:00pm at the Lodi Wine Visitor Center (2545 W Turner Rd, Lodi).


Books can be purchased in-person or online from the Lodi Wine Visitor Center. Lodi growers, wineries, and Lodi Wine Visitor Center wine club members receive a 20% discount.


Featured image taken on a very happy book arrival day by Stephanie Bolton.

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