[written on March 11, 2021]

Drought is ongoing in the area. Using records from Sacramento and Stockton, we can determine that the Lodi Area is running at about 55% of normal rainfall. Let’s go into some greater detail.

As we move into spring, we can see that winter storms were lacking. There were only four winter storms that delivered more than 0.50” of rainfall over a 24-hour period, with the most significant storm taking place through January 27 & 28. While this storm helped Stockton see above-average rainfall in January, all other winter months recorded on average just under half of their normal rainfall amounts in both locations.

This can be seen well in these water year charts. Here, the smooth line on top is the normal rainfall, and the jagged line beneath is what has been received so far; 7.12” for Sacramento and 7.50” for Stockton.

This lack of rainfall has led to drought conditions in the area. Specifically, the US Drought Map has most of the Lodi Area in Severe Drought, with a few parts of the eastern edges of the area seeing Moderate Drought.

Going further into spring, March is expected to see some more unsettled weather as high pressure off the West Coast stays too weak to close the storm door. While the active weather pattern is expected to continue, the area will still most likely see near, to below-average rainfall. With that, a significant comeback that would put the water year’s rainfall totals closer to normal appears unlikely. Below are charts showing the expected precipitation through the rest of the month versus normal.




Featured image: DeVries Weather Station by Bruce Fry

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