Lodi, California winegrape growers have been farming responsibly for generations. An important part of farming responsibly means intentionally taking care of one’s resources. A farmer’s resources include the land, the crop, the ecosystem and watersheds, the equipment, and the people. In the LODI RULES for Sustainable Winegrowing Program, growers are committed to taking good care of their workers, many of whom are employed with the same ranch for decades.

What does taking good care of workers mean? It means going above and beyond state and federal requirements for worker protection.

This harvest, Jerry Fry of Mohr-Fry Ranches (a long-time LODI RULES sustainable winegrape grower) reminds us of a FUN way to take care of our vineyard workers. Jerry, a Board Member of the WOW Science Museum in Lodi, purchased solar eclipse glasses for himself and his vineyard staff. Not only will these glasses help keep his team’s eyes safe from the damaging rays of the sun, but Jerry knows it will be fun for everyone to take a quick break from harvest to watch a once-in-a-lifetime solar event.

In case you’ve been hiding in the vines, here are the details on the solar eclipse:  On Monday, August 21st, the moon will gradually cover about 77% of the sun in Lodi from approximately 9:02am until 11:39am. It is safe to be outside during this time period, but your natural inclination will be to look up at the sun since your body will sense that something odd is going on. DO NOT look up at the sun without solar eclipse glasses on because this can damage your eyes! For more information, click here to read the Lodi News Sentinel’s advice.

Want to follow Jerry’s cue and purchase solar eclipse glasses for you and your vineyard team? The WOW Science Museum in Lodi is one of the last stores with solar eclipse glasses available. At $1 per pair, they are quite a bargain and moving fast so you should head over there as soon as you get a break. WOW is open every day until the eclipse from 10am to 5pm, and is located at 2 N Sacramento St, Lodi, CA.

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