Elevated branding and messaging demonstrate the evolution of the Lodi Wine region while highlighting core values of people and unique attributes of place.

The Lodi Winegrape Commission revealed a new identity and advertising campaign for its primary regional brand to constituents, community leaders, and fellow industry at its annual meeting on January 23, 2020.

The new Lodi Wine brand identity is the culmination of nearly one year of research and creative development between the Grower Marketing Committee of the Lodi Winegrape Commission and San Francisco-based creative agency, Rindal & Co., who built the brand’s identity on the foundation of the core values of its winegrowing community: heritage, unity, authenticity, innovation, leadership, sustainability, and enthusiasm.

“As the nation’s most dynamic and diverse winegrowing region, we wanted Lodi and its winegrowers to be unmistakably prominent in the new branding and messaging,” said Kendra Altnow, Chair, Lodi Winegrape Commission and Marketing Manager, LangeTwins Family Winery & Vineyards. “We needed to get back to our roots, so to speak, to what makes our region truly unique. And that is our winegrowers and our terroir.”

The new brand design comprises the bold logotype Lodi Wine California in deep magenta and vibrant orange, upper case sans serif text evoking both power and dignity as well as simplicity and friendliness. A prominent logomark of intersecting lines indicative of vineyard rows creates a monogram “x” character, symbolizing the convergence of people and place.

Throughout the coming year, the brand’s new identity will be brought to life through a “storytelling” advertising campaign aimed at spotlighting Lodi’s winegrowers and producers as well as its distinct soils, micro-climates, and diversity of winegrape varieties. Curated stories will be accompanied by fine art illustrations from Swedish artist Danilo Agutoli. A new tagline of “there’s something happening here” will accompany the brand identity and advertisements, calling its reader to discovery. Utilizing both paid and organic marketing, the campaign will extend across print, digital, and social media.

Describing the campaign direction, Eric Rindal, President and Creative Director of Rindal & Co. says, “We realized the campaign needed to be one of discovery; that the story of Lodi is really a collection of dozens and dozens of remarkable stories – stories about the people, about the multi-generational farming history, about the unique geography and climate and so much more. And just as we did, we know that the more people discover about Lodi, the more delighted and surprised they will become. Our job is to show the world that there really is something wonderfully unexpected and fantastic happening here.”

In addition to its advertising campaign, the region’s new brand identity and messaging will be visible across its websites, social channels, events, merchandise, Wine Visitor Center, and others. A suite of supporting brands will live under the Lodi Wine umbrella including Growers, Winegrape Commission, and Wine Visitor Center.

The creation of an elevated, new regional brand identity and messaging was one of the Lodi Winegrape Commission’s top priorities as outlined by its 2019-2021 Strategic Direction, formally adopted by the Board of Directors in April of 2019.

“While the core values of our winegrowers have remained constant, our region has naturally evolved in terms of diversity of plantings, quality of wines, and innovations in sustainable farming practices, just to name a few,” commented Stuart Spencer, Executive Director, Lodi Winegrape Commission. “It was important that our brand identity and messaging reflect these advances, evolving with us. We’re looking forward to re-introducing ourselves to the world in 2020.”

Additional top priorities for the Lodi Winegrape Commission for 2019-2021 include programming and promotions in the following areas: business success, education and innovation, the organization itself, and community involvement.

Established in 1991, the Lodi Winegrape Commission represents the common interests of Lodi winegrowers with programs in marketing, education, research, and sustainable viticulture.  The Commission collectively and effectively promotes Lodi’s vibrant, multi-generational farming community and the California’s most dynamic wine region. Comprised of nine commissioners and nine alternates, the board of directors provides direction and input on behalf of the region’s 750 winegrowers.

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