I want to share with Lodi growers and local PCAs this new UC Cooperative Extension library of video interviews with IPM scientists, educators, and practitioners. I hope you find this resource interesting and useful. The Integrated Pest Management approach has done much to improve how we control pests in a way that balances environmental and economic considerations. As many of you know, Lodi growers have a long history of successful implementation of IPM practices and the Commission has provided Lodi growers with Capture years of outreach opportunities to learn more about IPM. The video library focuses on orchard IPM, but there is no shortage of ideas that are transferable to vineyards. “This videos of personal testimonies are intended to provide the viewer unscripted and independent input on IPM in orchard crops based on the experiences and insights of individuals active in the agricultural industry and community.” Thirty-five IPM experts, including Cliff Ohmart, formally of the Lodi Winegrape Commission, are featured. I found the video about the Smart Sprayer technology to be particularly interesting. I hope you find the time to watch a few videos. An introduction to the video project and the video library can be accessed by clicking HERE.