First seven sentences: There has been quite a stir across the state with another noxious pest introduction. This time our neighbors to the north in Napa and Sonoma have picked up the European Grape Moth and are waging a battle to eradicate it. Unfortunately, this small tortricid relative to the Omnivorous Leafroller has quite a jump on them. While it was first identified last summer, it is now clear that it was observed at least one if not two seasons ago. As it was not identified correctly initially, it was able to multiply relatively unchecked to the point where moths are being caught throughout the Napa valley. The lesson here is, if something about a problem or pest looks unusual; please call the Ag Commissioner, extension staff or me to check it out. It now appears that the moth has been moved by man into Sonoma, Solano, Mendocino, Fresno and Monterey counties.
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DateAugust 23, 2013