First paragraph: One priority of the Central Coast Vineyard Team (CCVT), and similar agricultural organizations in the Central Coast region and California more broadly, is to encourage grower adoption of sustainability practices. Sustainability practices are those that balance economic, environmental, and social costs and benefits. Since 1994, the CCVT has been sponsoring outreach activities including field demonstration and research, informational meetings and workshops, a sustainability self-assessment workbook, the Sustainability in Practice (SIP) certification system, and industry fairs. This research brief presents results from a mail survey of winegrape growers in the Central Coast region, which collected data on whether growers have adopted sustainability practices, what impact the CCVT and other organizations have had on practice adoption, and whether or not growers’ vineyard management priorities reflect sustainability objectives.
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DateJune 5, 2013
AuthorMatthew Hoffman, Mark Lubell, Vicken Hillis