First Paragraph: The term sustainability has a long history in agricultural research and practice as a concept designed to foster integration among economic, environmental, and social goals (Hansen 1996). The debate over sustainability has also informed the ideas of resilience and linked social-ecological systems in agriculture (Folke et al. 2002, Milestad and Hadatch 2003, Spielman et al. 2011). Ikerd (1990:18) defines sustainable agriculture as “farming systems that are capable of maintaining their productivity and utility indefinitely,” and that are “resource-conserving, environmentally compatible, socially supportive, and commercially competitive.” To
achieve these goals, many agricultural commodities and regions have developed local sustainability programs and partnerships that encourage growers to adopt sustainable practices (Warner 2007a,b). Ideally, sustainable practices provide environmental and social benefits, and at the same time reduce input costs and increase economic returns to growers.
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DateJune 5, 2013
AuthorMark Lubell, Vicken Hillis, Matthew Hoffman