First three sentences: This disease, first described as "gummosis" of apricot trees and "dying arm" of grapevines in Australia, is now known to be an important problem throughout temperate apricot and grape growing areas of the world. Recognized in California apricot orchards in the early 1960's, it was detected in vineyards 10 years later. Initially called ""Cytosporina dieback" on apricots in California because the imperfect (asexual) fungus stage was readily associated with affected apricot trees, it is now designated "Eutypa dieback" after the perfect (sexual) fruiting stage of the fungus, Eutypa armeniacae.
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DateJune 18, 2013
AuthorW.J. Moller, A.N. Kasimatis, D.E. Ramos, W.H. English, K.W. Bowers, J.J. Kissler, D. Rough, R.R. Sanborn