First Paragraph: The good wine-aroma intensity of wine from Zinfandel grapes was correlated with crop level and several of the juice components. Selected as the most practical indicator of aroma intensity (r = +0.800) was °Brix x pH. The ratios of the acetate esters to corresponding alcohol also correlated with the aroma ratings. The °Brix x pH also correlated well with the flavor intensity rating (r = +0.836), which in turn correlated with crop level. Many correlations were calculated between crop level and other variables. The overall sensory scores could not be correlated significantly with crop level, °Brix x pH or any number of variables. A possible explanation is given.
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DateJune 17, 2013
AuthorT. H. Sinton, C. S. Ough, J. J. Kissler, A. N. Kasimatis