1991 Grape and Walnut Weed Control Trial Results
During the 1991 season, three weed control trials in wine grapes and two weed control trials in walnuts were established and evaluated in San Joaquin County.
The first trial was a postemergence weed control trial in newly budded zinfindel grapes at vineyard Properties (Frank Rodriquez) near Collegeville, California.
The second trial was a pre-emergence trial at the same location.
The third trial was at Mohr-Fry Ranches (Jerry Fry) near Thorton, California, in established Sauvignon blanc grapes. A postemergence weed trial and a pre-emergence weed trial were evaluated on established Ashley english walnuts at Stanley Ranch (Terry Prichard) near Farmington, California.
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DateJune 26, 2013
AuthorBob Mullen, Paul Verdegaal, Matt Ehlhardt, Ted Viss